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Why This Is The Best Time To Buy The Crypto, According To R. Kiyosaki

Bitcoin, gold, and luxury brands have just been given a thunderous stamp of approval from none other than Robert Kiyosaki, the well-known author of the personal finance book “Rich Dad Poor Dad.”

In a bold move that could revolutionize the way people invest their money, the financial guru is urging investors to act quickly and pour their hard-earned cash into these products. 

And the reason behind his unyielding endorsement? It’s nothing short of eye-opening and could shake up traditional investment strategies as we know them.

Buy Bitcoin Before It Gets Expensive, Kiyosaki Says

In a tweet on March 29, the renowned author urged his followers to invest in assets such as Bitcoin (BTC), luxury brands, and precious metals like gold before they cost an arm and a leg due to “systemic inflation.”

Kiyosaki also warned that rising interest rates could threaten the future of capitalism.

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With systemic inflation threatening to make everything more expensive, from groceries to real estate, investing in assets that will hold their value is essential. And Kiyosaki believes that bitcoin and gold are some of the few assets that will not only withstand inflation but also appreciate in value over time. 

In a separate tweet, Kiyosaki made it clear that his advice was not intended for people with a “poor or middle-class mindset.” As someone who has long advocated for preparedness in the face of a potential global economic crisis, the author wants his messages to reach those who are in a position to invest in assets that can weather any financial storm.

Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell. Image: Alex Brandon/The Associated Press

Kiyosaki Goes Off On Federal Reserve

According to Kiyosaki, the U.S. is poised to print more money to bail out failing banks, resulting in even higher inflation.

Prior to his most recent warning, Kiyosaki had previously accused Jerome Powell, the chair of the Federal Reserve, of lying about the state of inflation. The author is convinced that inflation will continue to rise, and that the recent banking crisis will only exacerbate the situation. 

BTC total market cap currently at $553 billion on the daily chart at

Interestingly, Kiyosaki previously made a cryptic tweet about an impending banking crisis, suggesting that “the third major bank” was on the verge of collapse. While he did not name the bank in question, his prediction came true when Signature Bank was declared insolvent just a few days after his tweet. 

Kiyosaki’s warnings about inflation and the banking system have sparked a heated debate among bitcoin and financial experts and enthusiasts.

While some see his predictions as alarmist and exaggerated, others agree that the global economy is in a precarious position and that investors should start thinking outside the box and put where their money should be.

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