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Elon Musk Changes Twitter’s Iconic Blue Bird Logo To Dogecoin ‘Doge’ Meme; Boosts Cryptocurrency By 20 Percent

On Monday, Twitter CEO Elon Musk made a new update to the micro-blogging site that caught the attention of Twitter users. The iconic blue bird logo, which has served as a home button on the web version of Twitter, was replaced with the “doge” meme of the Dogecoin cryptocurrency. The meme, created as a joke in 2013, is part of the Dogecoin blockchain and cryptocurrency logo.

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In addition, Elon Musk shared a humorous post on his account featuring the ‘doge’ meme, which depicts the face of a Shiba Inu. In the post, the ‘doge’ meme is shown in a car and telling a police officer, who appears to be examining his driver’s license, that his photo has been altered.

No changes have been made to the mobile app, and only Twitter web users can witness the new doge meme logo. As a continuation to the post, Elon Musk also posted a screenshot of his conversation with an anonymous account from March 26, 2022, where the user requested to replace the bird logo with the “doge” meme. Musk fulfilled his promise and shared the post on Twitter, captioning it with “As promised.”

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Elon Musk bought the social media platform last year at USD 44 billion, and there is no secret how much he loves Dogecoin. He always takes every chance to promote cryptocurrency, either its Twitter or while hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’. The value of Dogecoin has witnessed a surge of 20 percent since Elon changed the logo on Monday.

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