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The Worldcoin Cryptocurrency Craze –

Kenyans are going crazy with the new cryptocurrency (Worldcoin) that gives free tokens after one scans their eyeballs, confirming they are human. Kenyans have been rushing to malls to get their eyeballs scanned since its announcement.

Worlcoin, launched on 24 July, awards users with free tokens (WLD), after verification of their humanity. There have been booths set up across 35 countries in the globe and Kenya is one of them.

People waiting to scan their eyeballs and register for World Coins. File/Courtesy

The tokens can then be transferred to official crypto exchanges, inclusive of binance. After transference to crypto, they can then be used to buy other cryptocurrencies, which can be cashed out. Liquidity agents in the platforms used will assist the user in cashing out their cryptocurrencies. The possibility of this, creates room for free money, making Kenyans go crazy about it.

Currently, the first free tokens are 25 WLD which is worth Sh7,786. Before the allowance of free tokens, Kenyans would dismiss and entirely disregard the world coin stations across the country. After the announcement, however, malls have been filled with people fighting to get their eyeballs scanned in the hope of receiving free money.

Worldcoin says it wants to allow everyone to have access to the global economy. They will get that after giving them a verified digital identity, free cryptocurrency tokens and a crypto wallet. The intention was to create a more inclusive and accessible digital currency worldwide.

“The goal is simple: A global financial and identity network based on proof of personhood,” said Altman, among the founders of Worldcoin.

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Data Privacy Concerns

The Office of the Data Protection Commissioner (ODPC) cautioned Kenyans against sharing their sensitive personal data before receiving proper information on how that data would be used.

“The office will continue to engage with organizations to promote compliance with the law and protect the privacy of Kenyans,” read the ODPC’s statement.

Regardless of the privacy concerns, Kenyans seem unmoved by it and hundreds continue to line up for the free tokens. According to Worldcoin, over 2,106,468 people have registered across 34 countries.

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