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Kenya: Cabinet Secretary Mutua Urges Kenyans Not to Be Used as Guinea Pigs in World Coin Cryptocurrency Project

Nairobi — Foreign and Diaspora Affairs Cabinet Secretary Alfred Mutua has urged Kenyans not to be used as Guinea Pigs in World Coin cryptocurrency project.

While supporting the government’s move to suspend World Coin’s activities in Kenya, Mutua underscored the need for Kenyans to be wary of their individual data being collected.

“Let us all support the stoppage of Kenyans being used as Guinea Pigs and their data being harvested,” he said.

Many people rushed to register with the company by having their eyes scanned for a promised amount of money.

On Tuesday, Kenyans queued at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre to register and get the money promised.

However, Mutua said people should not disregard the fact that they don’t know why their eyeballs are being scanned even if they receive some money.

Police were earlier deployed to disperse hundreds of Kenyans queuing in various parts of Nairobi Central Business District (CBD) for the World Coin data collection.

This is despite the exercise being outlawed by the government until appropriate verification and safety mechanisms have been put in place.

A section of those interviewed by Capital FM News are oblivious of the registration criteria.

They pointed out that all they want is the 25 free WLD which translates into just over Sh7,000.

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