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A Unique Cryptocurrency Backed by Precious and Base Metals

SINGAPORE, Aug. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — XT.COM, the innovative social trading platform, is excited to announce the listing of Edelcoin (EDLC) on its Main zone. As of August 14th, 2023, trading pairs EDLC/USDT and EDLC/BTC are now open for trading.

Introducing EDLC
Edelcoin is a unique cryptocurrency fully backed by a basket of precious and base metals. Issued in Switzerland on the primary market, Edelcoin is structured to be less volatile than single asset-backed tokens, providing a stable or low volatile store of value, detached from inflationary fiat currencies and independent from monetary policies. Edelcoin is issued as an ERC-20 Token on the Ethereum blockchain, with plans to extend to other EVM-compatible chains, and traded on centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges.

Each Edelcoin is overcollateralized by pre-existing metals, stored solely for the purpose of backing the Edelcoin. Each Edelcoin has an excess reserve of backing metals, corresponding to 125% of the actual metals embodied by each Edelcoin. The reserve of backing metals is regularly independently verified and disclosed.

Edelcoin’s Unique Value Proposition
Inflation Hedge: As a payment token decoupled from monetary policies and fiat currencies, Edelcoin serves as an effective hedge against inflation, backed by real-world assets that historically exhibit a negative correlation to inflationary fiat currencies.

Store of Value: Edelcoin’s carefully composed basket of precious and base metals is designed to reduce and minimize volatility compared to traditional bankable metals, offering a more stable and secure store of wealth.

Portfolio Diversification: Edelcoin presents an opportunity to enhance portfolio diversification by allocating wealth to a distinct asset class, serving as an effective tool to hedge market risks and reduce portfolio volatility.

About the Edelcoin Project
Andreas Wiebe, CEO of Edelcoin, is a seasoned IT entrepreneur and innovator with expertise in AI and semantic data processing. He plays a pivotal role in propelling the technological advancement of Edelcoin, ensuring it remains at the cutting edge of innovation. His team of experienced industry professionals with expertise in various domains, including IT, fintech development, and compliance, will drive the success of Edelcoin, ensuring it remains at the forefront of innovation and compliance with industry standards.

Edelcoin’s vision revolves around the sustainable utilization of the Wealth of the Earth, leveraging the power of blockchain technology. By harnessing the advantages and expertise of the traditional financial world and the innovation and growth potential of new technologies, Edelcoin aims to enhance security and restore trust in the market.

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About XT.COM
Founded in 2018, XT.COM serves over 6 million registered users, with more than 500,000 monthly active users, 40+ million users in the ecosystem, and 1000+ trading pairs.

XT.COM crypto exchange has expanded its offerings to provide a secure, trusted, and intuitive trading experience for its large user base. Offerings include crypto futures trading, USDT-M Futures, coin-M futures perpetual contracts, prediction markets, and the Futures Grid for automated futures contract trading.





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