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The Unprecedented Synergy Between Chainlink and Bitcoin Spark

Cryptocurrency is witnessing a revolution courtesy of Chainlink and Bitcoin Spark convergence. A collaboration of the two cutting-edge platforms unlocks a new era of possibilities in the blockchain space.

What is Chainlink?

Chainlink (LINK), renowned for its Oracle solutions, promises to reshape the cryptocurrency arena. A dynamic collaboration with BTCS holds the potential to address critical challenges and introduce transformative advancements. Chainlink is an oracle network bridging blockchain smart contracts and world data. Chainlink is a reliable external source of information for smart contracts utilizing applications and APIs. It capitalizes on highly secure and tamper-proof blockchain platforms and connects them to access data outside the blockchain. It, therefore, eliminates the limitation hindering blockchain usability in scenarios where real-world data is needed, such as financial markets, weather conditions, sports results, and more. As a result, Chainlink enhances on-chain smart contracts to securely and reliably interact with off-chain data. It aggregates data from various sources and delivers it to smart contracts. In essence, Chainlink expands the capabilities of blockchain by enabling smart contracts to interact securely, transparently, and decentralized, fostering the development of more complex and reliable blockchain-based applications.

Chainlink Price

The LINK’s all-time high is $52.88 but is currently hovering around $7. The Chainlink price has stagnated at $7, struggling to reach the $8 price achieved in July.

Bitcoin Spark (BTCS)

Bitcoin Spark is driving the crypto industry forward into uncharted territories of efficiency, security, and decentralized innovation through Proof-of-Process (PoP) blockchain technology. Bitcoin Spark links PoS and PoW attributes to utilize their advantages and moderate blockchain proceeds like validation and mining. This new Bitcoin fork has the go-ahead signal, having satisfied the Cognitos KYC and ContractWolf smart contract audit requirements.

Bitcoin Spark has a running ICO in phase two, allowing investors to onboard an exciting project at a low price of $1.75. The project rewards early adopters with a 15% bonus. The project will launch at $10, and holders can earn up to 657% gains from their invested funds. The ICO offering is reminiscent of Bitcoin’s early days when it was at $1, and investors can imagine the potential.

The Bitcoin Spark application provides an avenue for participants to access the BTCS ecosystem and utilize its products and services. The application allows users to contribute processing power to the network and carry out processing tasks within a virtual environment. This app works within the device’s resource limits, thus naturally moderating the mining capacity. The app might need certain higher-level device permissions for managing resources. However, it won’t access other device functionalities like media files or phone calls. This virtual environment created by the app guarantees independent operations of other device processes and local files.

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BTCS’ Proof-of-Process rewards miners and validators who validate blocks and contribute processing power for computational tasks. These rewards are determined algorithmically while considering processing power to ensure rewards decrease as power and stake size increase. Such an arrangement prevents any single entity from gaining excessive control over the network. To assist validators in computing potential profitability, a rewards calculator will be accessible through the Bitcoin Spark application. The Bitcoin Spark network is multi-layered, with each layer working in a cyclical system. The application will incorporate a BTCS wallet for the storage and management of digital assets.

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