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Eastlake student uses cryptocurrency to incentivize healthy habits 

Maahum Jahangir, a junior at Eastlake High School, has created an iOS health app that rewards users with cryptocurrency if they reach their activity goals. 

The app, called Haplo, aims to promote a healthy lifestyle through small, simple habits. Users connect their Apple health data to the app and are rewarded with a cryptocurrency called “haps” for healthy habits such as steps, exercise, and practicing mindfulness.

Jahangir connected her cryptocurrency to the Ethereum blockchain by creating a token. Currently, the cryptocurrency does not have monetary value in U.S. dollars. However, the more users that Haplo gains, the more this will increase the monetary value of the cryptocurrency.

Jahangir’s idea was a result of her boredom during the COVID-19 pandemic, which gave her more time to work out and practice healthy habits. Thus, a passion for encouraging physical activity and health in her community was born. Her app started out as an Instagram page curated by Jahangir. 

“It was kind of my way of passing the time and sharing what I have learned personally about developing a healthy lifestyle,” said Jahangir. 

She got the idea for the app after doing a self-funded giveaway of Amazon gift cards on her Instagram page to reward followers for physical activity. Jahangir saw the impact the giveaway had and wanted to expand on that.

“I loved the idea of sharing what I’ve learned with the community…I wondered if I could kind of incentivize living a healthy lifestyle,” said Janangir. 

Like her giveaway, Jahangir funded Haplo from her own savings and with some help from her parents. Since Haplo’s release in April 2022, the app has been downloaded over 1,500 times. 

Jahangir aims to grow the app’s engagement by publicizing it across Sammamish. She has visited the Sammamish Farmers Market to encourage residents to download the app and get active, promoting both healthy living and engagement for Haplo to increase its cryptocurrency’s monetary value.

Additionally, Jahangir is working on expanding the app’s features, including possible gamification, to encourage users to stick with their fitness regimens. She is also trying to find ways for users to spend their points without converting to haps.

Haplo is a passion project for Jahangir, not a profit-making enterprise. Engaging with the app is completely free for users. 

“This is something that [I] really enjoy doing ,” said Jahangir.

Haplo can be found on the Apple App Store.

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