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Pioneering Cryptocurrency Announces First-Ever Native Bridging to Layer 2s with Connext’s New xERC20 Standard


Discover how $ZOOMER, the first cryptocurrency to adopt Connext’s xERC20 standard, is changing the game by enabling seamless bridging to Layer 2 solutions like Polygon and Arbitrum.

DUBAI, UAE, Aug. 29, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Rahul Sethuram, co-founder of cross-chain messaging protocol Connext and former Tesla/NASA engineer, announces the launch of $ZOOMER (ZoomerCoin). This pioneering cryptocurrency aims to revolutionize the crypto landscape by offering seamless bridging to Layer 2 solutions.

The Innovation Behind $ZOOMER
$ZOOMER is not just another meme coin; it’s the first cryptocurrency to adopt Connext’s groundbreaking xERC20 standard. This innovation addresses the high Ethereum gas fees, offering a more cost-effective alternative for users.

Strategic Partnerships and Technological Backing
Connext, backed by industry giants like 1kx, Coinbase Ventures, and Polychain Capital, provides the technological foundation for $ZOOMER. Rahul Sethuram, with over six years of experience as CTO at Connext, leads the project, aligning it with the latest advancements in cross-chain communication.

The xERC20 Standard: A Game-Changer
The xERC20 standard allows token issuers to maintain control over cross-chain bridges, enhancing security and flexibility. This standard is set to redefine the capabilities of multi-chain tokens, offering robust security features and unparalleled functionality across different ecosystems.

Market Potential and Future Plans
With a focus on capturing the Gen Z market, a demographic poised to drive mainstream crypto adoption, $ZOOMER is exploring strategic partnerships in the gaming and DeFi sectors. This promises a broad ecosystem that extends beyond mere token trading, offering unparalleled functionality and robust security features.

$ZOOMER is more than a meme coin; it represents the next phase in the evolution of cryptocurrency, blending technological innovation with cultural relevance. For more information, visit the Official webpage.

About Connext
Connext aims to simplify the complex world of decentralized applications, acting as a public utility to make blockchain benefits accessible to all. Learn more at XERC20.

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